Unifying international research forces to unlock geothermal resource (SS-RE12)





Unifying international research forces to unlock geothermal resource (SS-RE12)

Jasmin Raymond (INRS ) and Daniela Blessent (Universidad de Medellin)

Leaders and affiliations : Jasmin Raymond ([email protected]), Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS), Québec; Daniela Blessent, Universidad de Medellin, Colombia

Description : Geothermal energy is used across the world for space heating and power production. It is one of the sustainable alternative to reduce fossil fuel consumption and reach targets aimed by several countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Developing such alternative involves significant challenges facing geological and technological risks, as well as improving social acceptability. Researchers of the IGCP636 project on Geothermal Energy, belonging to the UNESCO International Geoscience Program, and the organization Geothermal Canada invite participants to unify their research forces to address challenges related to sustainable energy development. Presentations on any geothermal research aspects are welcome for this session. This can include exploration methods (geology, geochemistry, geophysics), characterization of reservoirs and hot sedimentary aquifers, geothermal resources assessment, reservoir modeling, direct use of resources, geothermal heat pumps, power generation, ongoing site monitoring and social acceptability. Presentation of case studies leading to innovations that can help develop geothermal resources are additionally solicited.