5 shocking online casino wins

online casino wins

When we visit a casino with the intention of playing a good one, but we also hope that we can now break something really big, we usually think of a wonderful, cozy casino flickering with colorful lights. However, there have been enormous prizes in the online space in the history of gambling!

Of course, don’t think that Fortuna appeared on a simple slot machine or roulette wheel. If someone wants to break really big, it is good to visit progressive Jackpot slot machines. Not only are these games a lot of fun, but they are also “threatened” with a huge cashier. The strategy for these games is not particularly complicated: sign in, bet, spin the button, and hope for a huge prize! Let’s see who were the lucky ones who hit the prize in this way?

1. A certain D.P. he became a millionaire

Once upon a time, an anonymous female player with D.P. was signed out in an online casino, from his iPod. He chose Mega Moolah, and when he spun it, it turned into a millionaire at that moment. The story is also exciting, as this unknown lady made only $ 1. And that’s the only dollar was enough to win $ 7.9 million. This particular D.P. It became so popular with players later that they even wrote a book to honor their victory.

2. The victory of a sleepless college student

online casino wins

In 2011, a Norwegian student could not sleep one night, so he decided to sign up for an online casino at midnight and to spin a little time. To have some excitement in this midnight game he chose Jackpot and won almost immediately. He probably did not suspect that his sleeplessness would bring more than $ 13.3 million to the kitchen…

3. A certain Finnish player became a millionaire with a 25 -cent bet.

One day a Finnish, unknown man decided to sign in to an online casino. It wasn’t too generous, it was only 25 cents for the game. Think about it, others buy a croissant or an ice cream, but he decided to accompany his luck with this insignificant amount. And he was right! With a single spin, he acquired one of the biggest jackpots in history on Mega Fortune. It has been richer with more than $ 24 million in US dollars.

4. Mr Rawiri Pou, also won megams on Mega moolah

online casino wins

On a beautiful summer day on June 17, he visited Mr. Rawiri Pou, Casino Land. Actually, he didn’t want to win, just a little fun. His eyes caught me on Mega Moolah, he thought he would try his luck. And he could hardly believe his eyes when he won more than $ 7.4 million in US dollars. When he was asked what he would spend on the amount, he simply answered his family.

5. British soldier Jonathan Heywood’s enormous luck

This particular Jonathan Heywood opened a Betway bill on a nice day. 25 minutes later, Jackpot was a winner. We do not know exactly which game he played, but we know he has taken home £ 13 million. He was also asked what he was going to do with this fabulous win, and Heywood said he was dreaming of buying a Bentley he had longed for a long time and taking his entire family to a European tour. Interestingly, a few years later, in an interview, Heywood was asked how much life came to him and it turned out that instead of Bentley and the European tour – this presumably generous and kind -hearted player – he spent the huge amount on his father’s medical accounts. However, he ran from the rest for all investments…

As we can see, you do not need to buy a flight ticket immediately to Las Vegas and tie a tie to be millionaires. Just turn on your computer, visit a reliable online casino and dream big!

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