4 secrets that online casinos would never love to tell you

The rules of casino are quite transparent and clean, but there are facts that, even if they do not hide but do not like to promote casinos, try to distract them, as they are not very beneficial for them. All the more so to the players, that is, for you … our article primarily introduces the secrets of traditional casinos, but we have tried to share useful advice at each point for online casinos.

1. Casinos are constantly manipulated

Do you feel good in the casino? Do you spend a lot of time there and maybe buy a lot of money? Or at least more than what you win? This is not a coincidence at all! All ingredients are examined and calculated precisely, and all your psychology characteristics are pre -considered when they come up with design, music, interiors, rules, offers, bonuses, or even lighting. Everything was designed to spend as much time there and spend more money as possible. Casinos are really masters of how to get it. All you have to do is to be in mind and resisting manipulation!

This is true for online casinos, the time flies, because the entertainment itself is very pleasant and of course exciting. Listen to the clock sometimes and decide in advance how much you will play that day. For fun, choose a reliable online casino, which can speak Hungarian.

2. Card counting is not illegal at all!

secrets online casinos

In many places, you read that card counters are monitored with a price and undesirable persons in casinos. This retains many from this high concentration task – which is not everyone succeeds – but it is good to know that even though the casinos cannot stand these players, no one can actually do anything against them, because it does not count as fraud, that is, Not at all illegal, only undesirable. We do not want to support the count card, but don’t believe that those who do so are such a crime. For example, there was a band in America who realized this brilliant idea they earned millions of dollars in the 80s and 90s, but of course, as the others, they fell, the casino realized and stopped them.

We wrote in detail about the card count and blackjack here.

3. Las Vegas is not only a popular destination for gambling, but also for suicides…

secrets online casinos

At first it may sound very shocking, but many people not only play, but also die to Las Vegas, the capital of gambling. Of course, none of the casinos there beats a big drum, who would this information please the game? The background is not fully known why this phenomenon is in America, but it exists in any case. It’s good to know about it, but you don’t even like this fact, as 99.9% of people are certainly not among them and spends time in this glittering -flashing gaming metropolis.

Don’t worry, statistics show that online casino is much safer!

4. Not all games have an equal chance!

Always listen to the so -called. ‘Home advantage’, because it is extremely important in determining the chance of victory. This is a one percent value, which shows how much profit the casino will gain from your game in the long run. The home benefit is mostly around 6%, but this value is not the same for every game, and they don’t like it so much if you know. In some games you have a better chance of the prize, where the advantage of the house is less. It is therefore worthwhile to find out how much of the varieties of play they have. This is usually higher for slot machines, while Blackjack or poker is much smaller, so it’s worth keeping them!

Of course, paying attention to the home benefit is also very important for online gambling, look at which game it works and, of course, choose a reliable online casino.

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