Quantifying timing and rates of geologic processes (SS-GH20)





Quantifying timing and rates of geologic processes (SS-GH20)

Eva Enkelmann (University of Calgary)

Leaders and affiliations : Eva Enkelmann (University of Calgary)

Description : Geochronological and thermochronological techniques provide critical temporal controls on the evolution of Geosystems and their interactions. This session invites contributions from scientists that use a wide variety of dating techniques to determine the timing of geologic events and to quantify the rates of geologic processes ranging from millions to billions of years. The session will focus on both methodological studies aiming to further advance existing methods and develop new dating techniques, as well as a variety of geologic applications. We invite contributions of geologic studies that use both, geochronology and thermochronology methods to study processes occurring in the lithosphere as well as detrital analyses using a variety of methods to investigate the provenance and thermal history of sedimentary strata.