Biosphere Meets Geosphere: Interactions between Earth and Life (SS-GH2)





Biosphere Meets Geosphere: Interactions between Earth and Life (SS-GH2)

Marc Laflamme (University of Toronto), Melissa Grey (Joggins Fossil Institute), and Jean-Bernard Caron (Royal Ontario Museum)

Leaders and affiliations : Marc Laflamme (University of Toronto); Melissa Grey (Joggins Fossil Institute); Jean-Bernard Caron (Royal Ontario Museum)

Description : The interactions between Earth and Life have played a defining role in structuring the evolution of life on Earth. From mass extinctions to biotic radiations, to the tempo and mode of evolution and diversification, the fossil record highlights the ever-changing aspects of the biosphere in response to large-scale changes in the geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. Once the multitude of biases that overshadow fossilization are taken into account, the fossil record provides a diverse array of raw data from which to test the responses of life to global-scale perturbations such as ocean acidification and anoxia, aridification, and climate change. This session seeks to unite paleontologists who study, at both the organismal and the population level, the patterns and trends in the fossil record, with those who investigate biases that overprint these trends. Ultimately, this session will highlight research on how earth systems and organisms have affected the evolution of life on this planet.