Laser Ablation Applied to Ore Deposit





Laser Ablation Applied to Ore Deposit

S.-J. Barnes and D. Savard (UQAC)

Leaders and affiliations : Sarah-Janes Barnes (UQAC) and Dany Savard (UQAC)

Contact : [email protected]

Description : Laser ablation mass spectrometry analysis (LA-ICP-MS) offers numerous opportunities to improve our understanding of, and exploration for, ore deposits. This workshop will outline new developments in laser ablation instrumentation; LIBS, LAMIS, femtosecond-laser, time of flight (TOF) mass spectrometry and triple-quad (LA-ICP-QQQ-MS). In addition, practical examples on the use of laser ablation analysis of apatite, carbonates, Fe-oxides, sulfides and isotopes in ore deposit studies will be presented. The course is suited to all, from beginner to more advanced LA-ICP-MS users. Participants are encouraged to bring 3-4 “PowerPoint” slides to present some of their own projects or challenges, in line with the workshop’s topic (please email request to [email protected]). Poster presentations are also welcome: there will be a place to display posters on laser ablation – well suited for discussions during the workshop breaks and over a beer afterwards. The provisional program inludes:

  • Prof. Leonid Danyushevsky (CODES, Tasmania) – Basics of laser ablation
  • Dr. Rick Russo (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California) – Laser ablation based chemical analysis: ICP, LIBS and LAMIS (fundamental and how they relate to analysis).
  • Mr. Dany Savard, PhD candidate (UQAC) – Innovative technology; fs-LA-LIBS-ICP-TOF-MS: perspective and preliminary results
  • Prof. Sarah-Jane Barnes (UQAC) – PGEs and Sulfides in igneous systems
  • Prof. Paul Bédard (UQAC) – Carbonates and oxides in alkali systems
  • Prof. Sarah Dare (UQAC) – Fe-oxides and apatite
  • Mr. Réjean Girard, MSc (IOS Services Géoscientifiques) – SEM-based automated mineralogy and LA-ICP-MS interoperability
  • Dr. Yann Lahaye (Geological Survey of Finland) – Laser ablation isotope ratio mass spectrometry applied to the study of ore deposits
  • Mr. Duncan McLeish, PhD candidate (McGill) – The Formation and Origin of Ultra-High-Grade Gold Ore at the Brucejack Deposit (B.-C., Canada)
  • Prof Damien Gaboury (UQAC) – Pyrite signature from hydrothermal gold deposits
  • Dr. Bastian Georg (Agilent Technologies) – LA-ICP-QQQ-MS

Number of participants (Min/Max) : 10/60

Language : english

Duration : 1 day

Date : May 16, 2019

Price : 100$ / student and 300$ / professional

Associated theme : Resources, Energy and Environment

Under the patronage of Applied Spectra, TOFWERK, IOS Services Géoscientifiques, Agilent technologies, Arianne Phosphate, LabMaTer (UQAC), and the Mineral Deposits Division (GAC)