Field Trips





Field Trips

The Upper Ordovician succession in the Quebec City area: transition from carbonate to clastic forelands

Leaders and affiliations : Denis Lavoie (Geological Survey of Canada), Contact : [email protected] Description : In eastern North America, the Late Ordovician was

Champlain Sea deltas and the St-Narcisse Moraine in the Portneuf and Mauricie regions of southern Quebec: 3-D stratigraphic modeling and regional aquifer systems

Leaders and affiliations : Michel Parent (Geological Survey of Canada), René Lefebvre (INRS), Yves Leblanc (Richelieu Hydrogéologie Inc), Guillaume Légaré-Couture (INRS),

The Charlevoix impact structure and seismic zone

Leaders and affiliations : Léopold Nadeau (Geological Survey of Canada (retired)), Gordon Osinski (University of Western Ontario) Contact : [email protected] Description : Located less

The Thetford Mines ophiolite and its orogenic context

Leaders and affiliations : Jean Bédard (Geological Survey of Canada), Alain Tremblay (UQAM) Contact : [email protected] Description : We will visit major lithological facies

Impact of an irregular margin on the sedimentary evolution of a narrow shelf-slope environment (Quebec City area)

Leaders and affiliations : Pierre A Cousineau (UQAC), Hugues Longuépée (Champion Iron Ltd) Contact : [email protected] Description : Irregularities in the geometry of continental

Magnetite-apatite (MtAp) deposits and related rocks in the Adirondack Mountains, New York State

Leaders and affiliations : John M. Hanchar (Memorial University), Marian Lupulescu (New York State Museum), Jeff Chiarenzelli (St. Lawrence University) Contact : [email protected]

Québec, a fortified city: Geological and historical heritage

Leaders and affiliations : Sébastien Castonguay (Geological Survey of Canada), Parks Canada Contact : [email protected] Description : Quebec City is located at the junction

Geoheritage of the Gaspe Peninsula: examples of the Percé UNESCO Global Geopark and the Miguasha World Heritage Site

Leaders and affiliations : André Desrochers (University of Ottawa), Michel Malo (INRS), Pierre Verpaelst (Canadian National Committee for Geoparks) Contact : [email protected]

Geoheritage in development: the Charlevoix Astrobleme and Saguenay Fjord Aspiring Geoparks

Leaders and affiliations : Pierre Verpaelst (Canadian National Committee for Geoparks), André Desrochers (University of Ottawa), Michel Malo (INRS) Contact : [email protected] Description : 

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