Symposiums (préliminaires)

Geosystems and Hydrogeosystems / Géosystèmes et hydrogéosystèmes

The growth of Laurentia: recent advances in reconstructing metamorphosed, deformed and deeply eroded continental margins.
Deanne van Rooyen (Cape Breton University)

Resources, Energy and Environment / Ressources, énergie et environnement

Ore systems within IOA, IOCG and albitite-hosted U mining districts and prospective settings
Louise Corriveau (Commission géologique du Canada)

Golden magmas: Precambrian magmatism features and relationship to gold and base metals mineralisation
Lucie Mathieu (UQAC)

Gold: 20 years of research through GSC’s Targeted Geoscience Initiative Program under Dr. Benoît Dubé’s leadership
Patrick Mercier (Geological Survey of Canada)

Greenstone belt architecture and metal endowment of the Superior craton
Phil Thurston (Laurentian University)

Metasomatism and mineralization footprints: a focus on Africa
Sophie Decrée (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences)