Field trips

Field trips (preliminary)

Geosystems and Hydrogeosystems / Géosystèmes et hydrogéosystèmes

L’ophiolite de Thetford Mines
Jean Bédard (Commission géologique du Canada)

The Upper Ordovician Taconic foreland succession near Quebec City
Denis Lavoie (Commission géologique du Canada)

Astroblème de Charlevoix
Léopold Nadeau (Commission géologique du Canada)

Quaternary stratigraphy and regional aquifer systems along the northern edge of the St. Lawrence valley in southern Québec
Michel Parent (Commission géologique du Canada)

Resources, Energy and Environment / Ressources, énergie et environnement

Magnetite-apatite (MtAp) deposits, and related rocks in the Adirondack Mountains, New York State
John M. Hanchar (Memorial University)

Mitchi property and associated ore deposits (Mont-Laurier area)
Jocelyn Pelletier (Consultant)

Geosciences and Society / Géosciences et sociétés

Québec, a fortified city: Geological and historical heritage
Sébastien Castonguay (Commission géologique du Canada)

Geoparks on the Gaspé Peninsula (Percé, Miguasha) (tentative title)
André Desrochers (University of Ottawa)