What kind of winning strategies do you have for slot machines?

Before we talk about increasing the chances of winning, we need to introduce another concept. If you have already met the word volatility and you know what it means, then you will be bravely through this part. Volatility essentially tells about how often and how high prizes are available on a given slot machine. High volatility slot machines are less frequent, but the amount is higher. (These usually have fewer winning combinations). Low volatility slot machines are just the other way around: prizes are more frequent but lower. High -volatility slot machines usually carry a higher risk, even if playing on them is usually more exciting.

After that, the question is how can I determine the volatility of a slot machine? Unfortunately, it is only experience because neither companies developing a winning machine for online casinos, nor online casinos are usually given the value of volatility (as opposed to RTP). The only way to find out the degree of volatility is to try the given slot machine, wherever possible, a free version of it. (This is also possible in many online casinos.) In addition, it is worth searching for the name of a given slot machine by complementing the “Volatility” or “Variance” keyword, so you may read about the experience of other players.

Tips to increase the chance to win on online casinos slot machines

Online casinos always specify the value of the slot machine RTP. The higher the RTP, the higher the money returned to the players, both statistically and in the long run. According to the highest possible RTP slot machine accordingly. Typical value: 96 percent.

Before the game, try the free version of that slot machine if the given online Hungarian casino offers you the opportunity. This way you can find out that the given slot machine is low or high, and of course you can get to know the game in practice.

Choose a high -volatility slot machine only if you have a relatively long time to play and have a significant banking control.

For low-volatility slot machines, you can increase the volatility with unchanged RTP by increasing “bet / line” while reducing “Paylines” to 1.

Pay attention to the conditions for participating in Jackpot! If you are not far from it, complete them!

How much is the RTP of online casinos?

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Typically, 96 percent, but rarely are online half-armed robbers with a higher RTP, so the 98 percent refund rate is unimaginable.

Is it true that the slot machines are programmed so that if they win a lot, they will then switch to “losing” mode?

No it is not true. There are two circles completely independent for slot machines, so no matter whether you have won in the previous round or not. The same is true for the situation where you use the slot machine “for someone”, although for online casinos this is not really interpreted. Otherwise, slot machines work quite complex: on the one hand, the “semi -armed” development of most online Casino is done by independent companies, and on the other hand, the system is solved by the random number generator already mentioned in the operation of slot machines from an independent server. In essence, there are many precautions in the background that guarantee that the statement on the issue remains only an urban legend.

What is jackpot and what is the difference between normal and progressive jackpot?

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On slot machines, you can not only win in the given game for the right combinations, but we can also be the so -called. Jackpot, which is also randomly drawn among players by the online casino. Depending on the variety of slot machines, we can talk about “smooth” jackpot or progressive jackpot. Let’s see what the difference is!

  1. Straight slot machines: These are simpler -based conventional slot machines, usually with 3 reels, classic appearance, a fixed JacPot, which the machine also indicates.
  2. Progressive slot machines: These slot machines are usually at least four, but rather five or six, with a single, double or even triple line, but more importantly, these slot machines are connected. Thus, the amount of jackpot increases progressively together, and of course much higher than smooth slot machines. Although the amount of progressive jackpot is much higher and even higher, it can be won more and more, and the chances of winning are more divided between players.

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