The 10th largest winnings in slot machine ever-ever

largest winnings in slot

We have all dreamed of sitting down in a cozy casino for a slot machine, pulling the lever, and once a huge, jackpot winning, which changes our entire lives. In history, there were some lucky players with whom this happened in reality. It is true that most of these huge prizes were won in a glittering-flashing, luxury casino in Las Vegas, but there were also a good number of online slot machines. So you don’t have to travel to Las Vegas to change our lives wonderfully forever, and it is enough to visit a reliable online casino for us.

But let’s see who the most fortunate players in the history of casino were on slot machines.

10. $ 14.3 million

An unknown player won at the Las Vegas Rampart Casino in December 2013. He only spent $ 20 on the megabucks slot machine, but still had a lot of money on his lap, winning $ 14.3 million Jackpot. This winner did not want to reveal his name, but it is known that he spent most of his prize for charitable purposes.

9. $ 17.3 million

A woman living in Las Vegas won more than that visited M RESORT in Henderson, where she started using her free credits. He wouldn’t have thought that these free credits would result in such a huge prize, but the truth is that this particular Las Vegas woman won $ 17.3 million.

8. $ 20.8 million

Jon Hayward was a British soldier who didn’t even move out of home as he won Jackpot online in 2013. A huge amount, $ 20.8 million, hit the mark, which is a particularly fortunate prize as it spent only 25 pence on play.

7. $ 21.1 million

largest winnings in slot

A certain Elmer Sherwin, who played at the Canery Casino and hotel in Las Vegas, could take home even more prize. This incident occurred in 2005, when this particular Elmer Megabucks played with a slot and won at no less than $ 21.1 million. His case is also sensational, as he also hit the main prize on a similar machine, Mirage Hotel, a few years earlier in 1989, where he still had a good amount of $ 4.6 million.

6. 21.3 million

In 1999, a 49-year-old Illinois man, whose name was obscured, entered the Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas. This gentleman was a business consultant who put a total of $ 10 on the megabucks slot machine. However, this little amount was enough to leave Las Vegas richer with $ 21.3 million.

5. $ 22.6 million

The fifth highest winner prize was won by a certain 74-year-old lady named Johanna Heundl in Las Vegas, Bally’s, where she decided to escape Fortuna early before breakfast. Well, he was right, because he was richer with $ 22.6 million, and he started his breakfast that day.

4. $ 23.6 million

The fourth luckiest player was a Finnish young man who played on an online slot machine in 2013 on Mega Fortune. He had to risk only 25 cents to take the prize money, which was no less than $ 23.6 million.

3. $ 27.6 million

largest winnings in slot

And now the podium can come! In third place is an extremely fortunate retired person who returned to the Palace Station Casin in Las Vegas in 1998. Originally, he planned to play only $ 100 and finally spent $ 300. It is true that he was not sad for him, as the huge prize fell on his lap was exactly $ 27.6 million.

2. $ 35 million

The second stage of the imaginary podium was a 37-year-old lady named Cynthia Jay Brennan, who won nearly $ 35 million in Jackpot in Las Vegas, a Desert Inn casino in 2000. This young lady also played on a megabucks slot machine. Later he was not so fortunate because he suffered a serious accident in a few months, which resulted in paralyzed. From here it can be seen that luck is sometimes rotating.

1. $ 39.7 million

And let’s see what was the greatest prize of all time, or Jackpot in the world. The most unfortunate gambling was a Los Angeles man who traveled to Las Vegas in 2003 and went to the Excalibur casino. There he decided to play Megabucks with a slot machine. He spent only $ 100 when he hit the jackpot. And this jackpot was not less than $ 39.7 million, so this player can stand at the highest level of our imaginary podium with the nearly $ 40 million prize, which is about $ 15 billion 880 million. Amazing amount!

All in all, we can see that we can be lucky either online or in real life, and we can gain a gigantic amount on a slot machine, provided Fortuna is enthusiastic about us. In addition, the reliable online casinos has an amazing slot machine, so we are sure that anything will find the best you like.

If you first want to try what the game is, you will find a free fruity slot machine.

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