Groundwater and Climate Change (SS-GH11)





Groundwater and Climate Change (SS-GH11)

Marie Larocque (Université du Québec à Montréal) and Diana Allen (Simon Fraser University)

Leaders and affiliations : Marie Larocque (Université du Québec à Montréal); Diana Allen (Simon Fraser University)

Description : Climate change will impact groundwater resources in ways that are still vastly unknown. Increases in temperature, changes in the frequency and intensity of precipitation, and changes in snow accumulation and melting rates have the potential to directly affect groundwater recharge and the interactions between groundwater and surface water, and consequently, water temperatures and water quality. The impacts of climate change, however, need to be considered alongside changes in land use and groundwater use for drinking water, agriculture and industry. Combined, these stressors have the potential to affect groundwater resources over a range of spatial and temporal scales. Contributions are invited on a variety of topics linked to these problems, including for example, modified recharge patterns, impacts on surface water-groundwater interactions, applications of groundwater flow models in changing conditions, using long-term monitoring networks to detect changes, and considering future stresses for integrated water management.