Energy, sustainable development and environment (SS-RE2)





Energy, sustainable development and environment (SS-RE2)

Fatma Taktak (Consultant)

Leaders and affiliations : Fatma Taktak

Contact : [email protected]

Description : Today, energy consumption is one of the most significant challenges for the world population. The issue of energy and sustainable development is directly linked to policies established by international governing bodies tasked with energy transition. It is worth noting that each energy source carries its own issues including direct or indirect negative impacts on the environment thus one needs to consider the energy landscape of the future which will have the least impact on quality of life. The research challenge is to propose solutions which will allow producing clean energy together with respect for the current and future environment.

The session will address the following issues on energy consumption and environment:

impacts of fossil energy on climate (climate change and climate shifting),
renewable energy (green energy),
energy and sustainable development,
what are the advantages of renewable energy on the environment?

Associated activities : Theme: Resources, Energy and Environment