Diffusion in geoscience – A multidisciplinary perspective (SS GH8)





Diffusion in geoscience – A multidisciplinary perspective (SS GH8)

Tom Al (University of Ottawa), Beth Parker (University of Guelph), and Philipp Wanner (University of Guelph)

Leaders and affiliations : Tom Al (University of Ottawa); Beth Parker (University of Guelph); Philipp Wanner (University of Guelph)

Description : Diffusion of aqueous solutes and gases in geologic media is important to many research areas in geoscience. A few examples include reaction kinetics in a vast array of settings, gas production from unconventional reservoirs, sulfide oxidation in mine waste, radionuclide transport from deep waste repositories, contaminant transport in groundwater, fractional crystallization in magmatic systems, metamorphic mineral transformations, and transport-driven isotope fractionation mechanisms. Interest in diffusion extends across multiple gases, solutes and isotopes, it covers a large range of time scales, and research is conducted at a range of field scales and by laboratory and numerical experimentation. With the convergence of the GAC-MAC and IAH in Quebec, we wish to take the opportunity to bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines to discuss methods and applications for diffusion research across a broad range of geoscience sub-disciplines.