Canadian volcanology, Archean to recent, depth to surface, at home and abroad (SS-GH3)





Canadian volcanology, Archean to recent, depth to surface, at home and abroad (SS-GH3)

Pierre-Simon Ross (INRS), Stephan Kolzenburg (Exploration Geologist), and Kim Berlo (McGill University)

Leaders and affiliations : Pierre-Simon Ross (INRS); Stephan Kolzenburg (LMU Munich / McGill University); Kim Berlo (McGill University)

Description : Volcanic systems arguably produce the most fascinating, dangerous, and resource-rich lithologies. Their hazard potential is documented in the recent and destructive volcanic crises on the Big Island in Hawaii and at Fuego volcano in Guatemala. Their economic importance, on the other hand, is recognized worldwide and highlighted throughout Canada, where they are associated with hosting and/or participating in the formation of a range of mineral deposits (Epithermal, Porphyry, VMS, Komatiite-hosted-Ni, Diamonds etc.). All of this has stimulated the study of volcanic rocks and associated processes both in Canada and by Canadian geologists worldwide.
For this interdisciplinary session, we call for a pooling of volcanological expertise to outline the current status of Canadian volcano research, at home and abroad. We invite contributions from all research fields, whether field-based, analytical, experimental or theoretical. Topics can include but are not restricted to:
– Surface and near-surface processes (e.g. lava flows, pyroclastic density currents, magma fragmentation, volcanic plumes, …)
– Magma chamber and transport processes (e.g. the evolution of magma chambers and plumbing systems, dyke and sill emplacement)
– Evolution of the physical properties of magma from generation to eruption and emplacement
– The relationship between volcanoes and ore deposits.