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Special Sessions

Applications of noble gases in hydrogeology (SS-GH1)

Merged with Geochemical and isotopic tracers in groundwater studies (SS-GH10) Leaders and affiliations : Nicholas Utting (CANMET Energy); Daniele Pinti (Université du Québec à

Canadian volcanology, Archean to recent, depth to surface, at home and abroad (SS-GH3)

Leaders and affiliations : Pierre-Simon Ross (INRS); Stephan Kolzenburg (LMU Munich / McGill University); Kim Berlo (McGill University) Description : Volcanic systems arguably

Challenges in measuring and modeling groundwater/surface water interactions (SS-GH4)

Leaders and affiliations :  Claudi Paniconi (INRS); René Therrien (Université Laval); Daniel Paradis (Geological Survey of Canada) Description : Groundwater is a key component of the

The construction and use of P-T-t-D paths in understanding orogenic systems (SS-GH5)

Leaders and affiliations :  Kyle Larson (University of British Columbia); Chris Yakymchuk (University of Waterloo); Brendan Dyck (Simon Fraser Univeristy) Description : Recent advancements in analytical

Crustal melting, migration, and mineralization processes: Partial melting through fractionation to volatile saturation, from the micron to the continental scale (SS-GH6)

Leaders and affiliations : Matthew Steele-MacInnis (University of Alberta); Brendan Dyck (Simon Fraser University); Zeinab Azadbakht (University of New Brunswick); Ed Sawyer (UQAC) Description : The formation,

Deep groundwater circulation and its potential influence on shallow water resources & ecosystems (SS-GH7)

Leaders and affiliations : Christine Rivard (Geological Survey of Canada); John Molson (Université Laval); René Lefebvre (INRS) Description : Deep groundwater flow eventually emerges to the

Diffusion in geoscience – A multidisciplinary perspective (SS GH8)

Leaders and affiliations : Tom Al (University of Ottawa); Beth Parker (University of Guelph); Philipp Wanner (University of Guelph) Description : Diffusion of aqueous solutes and

Emerging Contaminants in Soil and Groundwater (SS-GH9)

Leaders and affiliations : Rick McGregor (InSitu Remediation Services Ltd.); Grant Carey (Porewater Solutions) Description : This session will focus on emerging contaminants in

Geochemical and isotopic tracers in groundwater studies (SS-GH10)

Leaders and affiliations :  Geneviève Bordeleau (Geological Survey of Canada); Jason Ahad (Geological Survey of Canada); Nicholas Utting (CANMET Energy); Daniele

Groundwater and Climate Change (SS-GH11)

Leaders and affiliations : Marie Larocque (Université du Québec à Montréal); Diana Allen (Simon Fraser University) Description : Climate change will impact groundwater resources in

Groundwater nutrients and contaminants affecting surface waters (SS-GH12)

Leaders and affiliations :  James Roy (Environment and Climate Change Canada); Clare Robinson (University of Western Ontario) Description : Groundwater quality can be impaired by

Hydrogeology of cold regions (SS-GH13)

Leaders and affiliations : Jean-Michel Lemieux (Université Laval); Edwin Cey (University of Calgary) Contact : [email protected] Description : This session invites

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