Isotopes applied to geothermal resources





Isotopes applied to geothermal resources

Daniele Pinti and O. Shoaukar-Stash (UQAM, University of Waterloo)

Leaders and affiliations : Daniele L. Pinti (GEOTOP, UQAM), Orfan Shouakar-Stash (University of Waterloo)

Description : This course focuses on deep conventional convective hydrothermal resources, and how isotopes, in particular noble gas isotopes, are useful tracers of fluid sources, transport, and residence times, as well as of the processes affecting reservoirs under over-exploitation (boiling, brine re-injection, etc.). Understanding fluid sources and estimating their residence times is critical to evaluate the lifetime of the exploited reservoirs.

Number of participants (Min/Max) : to be determined

Language : english

Duration : 1 day

Date : to be determined

Associated special session / Field trip : to be determined