Indicator mineral exploration methods





Indicator mineral exploration methods

G. Beaudoin & S. Makvandi (Université Laval)

Leaders and affiliations : G. Beaudoin & S. Makvandi (Université Laval)

Contact: [email protected]

Description : Indicator minerals have become an important exploration method in the past 30 years and now are widely used to detect a variety of ore deposit types including diamond, Au, REE, Ni-Cu-PGE, porphyry, VMS, IOCG and IOA. This short course provides an overview of indicator mineral methods and their application in a variety of terrains, and also presents new developments and discoveries in this field. This course is a combination of presentations by speakers from the Geological Survey of Canada, Overburden Drilling Management Limited (ODM; world-class mineral processing laboratory), and NSERC-Agnico Eagle Industrial Research Chair in Mineral Exploration. The program includes:

Speaker from ODM : Heavy mineral recovery methods for sediments and bedrock – Overview and presenting new case studies

Mr. Roger Paulen (Geological Survey of Canada) : Indicator minerals methods in prospecting for kimberlite, precious and rare metals – Recent advances and new discoveries

Alain Plouffe, PhD (Geological Survey of Canada) : (1) Indicator minerals associated with porphyry deposits; and (2) Geochemical compositions of epidote and zircon as new exploration tools in glaciated terrains

Xiaowen Haung. PhD (Université Laval) : Fe oxides compositions as exploration tools for porphyry, IOCG & IOA deposits

Prof. Georges Beaudoin (Université Laval) : Indicator mineral exploration for gold – 7 years research by NSERC-Agnico Eagle Industrial Research Chair in Mineral Exploration

Haiming Liu (Université Laval) : Trace elements signatures of native gold as a prospecting tool for various Au-bearing deposits

Sheida Makvandi, PhD (Université Laval) : (1) Multivariate statistical analysis of mineral chemical data – A robust tool for discovery of new mineral deposits, and (2) Application of quantitative mineralogy in mineral exploration

Number of participants (Min/Max) : 15/50

Language : english

Duration : 1 day

Date : May 12, 2019

Price : 150$/student and 350$/professional

Associated theme : Resources, Energy and Environment

Associated special session/field tripIndicator minerals and exploration methods (SS-RE6)

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