Geosciences and Society: a teaching workshop





Geosciences and Society: a teaching workshop

Anne Marie Ryan (Dalhousie University)

Leaders and affiliations : Anne-Marie Ryan (Dalhousie University, Earth Sciences), Charly Bank (University of Toronto)

Description : In today’s rapidly changing world, the need for geoscientists to understand the societal implications of their work (and the societal implications on their work) has never been more important. Those who teach future geoscientists in colleges and universities commonly do not have formal training in teaching and learning, and may have studied their discipline in isolation from society more broadly. This workshop aims to explore evidenced-based best practices for enhancing student learning at the intersection of geoscience and society.

Number of participants (Min/Max) : to be determined

Language : english

Duration : 1 day

Date : Pre-Congress

Associated Special session / Field trip :

Special session: Innovative and effective approaches to teaching geosciences: Ideas and strategies