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Short Courses

Rates and dates : Geo- and thermochronology methods and applications

Leaders and affiliations : E. Enkelmann (University of Calgary), William Matthews (University of Calgary) Description : Geo-and thermochronology are radiometric dating techniques

Geosciences and Society: a teaching workshop

Leaders and affiliations : Anne-Marie Ryan (Dalhousie University, Earth Sciences), Charly Bank (University of Toronto) Description : In today’s rapidly changing world,

Introduction to data science for geologists

Leaders and affiliations : M. Blouin (Geolearn), L. Perozzi (Geolearn), J. Simon (Geolearn), M. Claprood (INRS) Description : Machine Learning is now

Scaling predictions of mine waste geochemistry with reactive transport modelling

Leaders and affiliations : Richard Amos (Carleton University), David Blowes (University of Waterloo), David Wilson (University of Waterloo) Description : The mining

Laser Ablation Applied to Ore Deposit

Leaders and affiliations : S.-J. Barnes (UQAC), P. Bédard (UQAC), S. Dare (UQAC), C. Duran (UQAC), D. Savard (UQAC) Description : Laser

Isotopes applied to geothermal resources

Leaders and affiliations : Daniele L. Pinti (GEOTOP, UQAM), Orfan Shouakar-Stash (University of Waterloo) Description : This course focuses on deep conventional

Introduction to reservoir geomechanics

Leaders and affiliations : E. Konstantinovskaya (University of Alberta) Description : This course is intended to provide theoretical principles and practical skills

Ore systems with IOA, IOCG, albitite-hosted U and affiliated deposits

Leaders and affiliations : L. Corriveau (CGC-Québec), E. Potter (CGC-Ottawa), D. Harlov (GFZ), X.-F. Zhao (China University of Geosciences) Description : Iron

Indicator mineral exploration methods

Leaders and affiliations : G. Beaudoin (Université Laval), S. Makvandi (Corem) Description : Indicator mineral methods have long been successfully used in

Critical Thinking in Aquifer Test Interpretation

Leaders and affiliations : Christopher J. Neville (Chief Hydrogeologist, S.S. Papadopulos & Associates, Inc.) Description : The course is structured as a

An Introduction to Applied Groundwater Modeling using Visual MODFLOW Flex

Leaders and affiliations : Brayden McNeill (Waterloo Hydrogeologic) Description : This course introduces participants to the complete groundwater modeling process and provides

How to develop and promote geoheritage with examples of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Geoparks

Leaders and affiliations : André Desrochers (U. Ottawa), Pierre Verpaelst (Comité national canadien pour les Géoparcs) Description : Ce cours intensif se

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