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Short Courses

Rates and dates : Geo- and thermochronology methods and applications

Leaders and affiliations : Eva Enkelmann & William Matthews (University of Calgary) Contact : [email protected] Description : Geo-and thermochronology are radiometric dating

Critical Thinking in Aquifer Test Interpretation

Leaders and affiliations : Christopher J. Neville (Chief Hydrogeologist, S. S. Papadopulos & Associates Inc.) Contact: [email protected] Description : The course is

Indicator mineral exploration methods

Leaders and affiliations : G. Beaudoin & S. Makvandi (Université Laval) Contact: [email protected] Description : Indicator minerals have become an

Ore systems with IOA, IOCG, IOU and affiliated deposits

Leaders and affiliations : L. Corriveau (Geological Survey of Canada), E. Potter (Geological Survey of Canada), D. Harlov (GFZ), X.-F. Zhao

Workshop: Introduction to reservoir geomechanics

Leaders and affiliations : E. Konstantinovskaya (University of Alberta) Contact : [email protected] Description : This course is intended to provide theoretical principles

Isotopes (including noble gases) applied to geothermal resources

Leaders and affiliations : Daniele L. Pinti (GEOTOP, UQAM) and Orfan Shouakar-Stash (IT2 Isotope Tracer Technologies Inc., University of Waterloo) Contact:

Laser Ablation Applied to Ore Deposit

Leaders and affiliations : Sarah-Janes Barnes (UQAC) and Dany Savard (UQAC) Contact : [email protected] Description : Laser ablation mass spectrometry analysis (LA-ICP-MS) offers

Scaling predictions of mine waste geochemistry with reactive transport modelling

Leaders and affiliations : Richard Amos (Carleton University), David Blowes (University of Waterloo), and David Wilson (University of Waterloo) Contact: [email protected]

Introduction to data science for geologists

Leaders and affiliations : M. Blouin (Geolearn), L. Perozzi (Geolearn), J. Simon (Geolearn), M. Claprood (INRS) Contact : [email protected] Description : Machine

Geosciences and Society: a teaching workshop

Leaders and affiliations : Anne-Marie Ryan (Dalhousie University), Charly Bank (University of Toronto) Contact : [email protected] Description : In today’s rapidly

Workshop on Geoheritage and Geotourism in Canada

Leaders and affiliations : André Desrochers (University of Ottawa); Pierre Verpaelst (Canadian National Geoparks Committee); Michel Malo (INRS) Contact : [email protected]

Glaciology, glacio-sedimentary environments and sample methods

Leader and affiliations : Francois-Xavier Masson (Université Laval, SEG Student Chapter), Anick Tremblay (UQAC, SEG Student Chapter), and Crystal Brochard

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