How BIG Data is changing Mining





How BIG Data is changing Mining

Guy Desharnais, PhD, Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd

Every industry is undergoing transformation to adapt to a massive influx of new data and innovative ways to extract knowledge from them. The mining industry is no exception. A new suite of small and inexpensive sensors are enabling collection of an extreme number of qualitative data. The magnitude of potential economic and social benefits will depend on the capability and wisdom of the humans behind the algorithms used to mine that data.


Short Bio


Guy Desharnais Ph.D., P.Geo, has worked in mineral exploration, resource estimation consulting and is currently working as the Director or Mineral Resource Evaluation with Osisko Gold Royalties. He led the team which won the Integra Gold Rush Challenge in 2016 (500k$) which applied a combination of geology, virtual reality, weight of evidence and machine learning techniques to identify the most prospective exploration targets. He was named CIM distinguished lecturer in 2017 where he shared his knowledge on Metallurgical Sample Selection, Application of Machine Learning to Exploration Targeting, and Mineral Resource Over-Estimation.

For their 2019 joint annual meeting in Quebec City, the Geological Association of Canada, the Mineral Association of Canada, and the Canadian Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists are deeply honoured to have Guy Desharnais as keynote speaker for one of the plenary sessions at the meeting.