General Sessions





General Sessions

In addition to the symposia and special sessions you can submit an abstract to the following general sessions.

Mineralogy and crystallography
Marc Constantin (Université Laval)

Petrography, mineralogy, and crystallography
Carl Guillemette (Université Laval)

Sedimentology, stratigraphy and paleontology
Stéphanie Larmagnat and Denis Lavoie (Geological Survey of Canada)

Erwan Gloaguen and Bernard Giroux (INRS)

Structural geology and tectonics
Sébastien Castonguay (Geological Survey of Canada) and Elena Konstantinovskaya (University of Alberta)

General hydrogeology
René Lefebvre (INRS) and  Christine Rivard (Geological Survey of Canada)

Glacial geology and geomorphology in Canada
Roger C. Paulen (Geological Survey of Canada), Martin Ross and Michelle S. Gauthier (University of Waterloo)