Québec, a fortified city: Geological and historical heritage





Québec, a fortified city: Geological and historical heritage

Sébastien Castonguay (Geological Survey of Canada) and Sébastien Bourassa (Parks Canada)

Leaders and affiliations : Sébastien Castonguay (Geological Survey of Canada), Sébastien Bourassa (Parks Canada)

Contact : [email protected]

Description : Quebec City is located at the junction of three geological provinces, bestowing upon it a unique geological panorama, which includes a historical district that dates back to the first days of the colony. This relaxed walking tour through the streets of Old Quebec combines history and geology with a multidisciplinary perspective.

Quebec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the only city in North America to have retained major parts of its original defence system. The Fortifications of Quebec are a 4.6-km-long defence system that encircle the Upper Town promontory. Like nowhere else in North America, the old city’s defence system follows a classic urban style, characterized by flanking, defence in depth, adaptation to the city’s topography and urban layout. More than just the vestiges of the military art of war, the Fortifications of Quebec also bear witness to the era of fortified cities between the 17th and 19th centuries. Everywhere within Old Quebec’s walls, you can feel the military presence that dominated the city and is a reminder that the city’s past was punctuated by the beat of the war drum.

Number of participants (Min/Max) : 8 / 20

Duration : 1 day

Date : Sunday, May 12th / 10AM to 4Pm

Cost : 25$

Cost includes : Lunch (free guidebook available online)

Starting point / end point : Artillery Park (Parc de l’Artillerie),  2 D’Auteuil Street, Québec, QC G1R 5C2

Associated theme : Geosciences & Society