Instructions for session chairs





Instructions for session chairs

Dear Symposium / Session Chair,

Thank you for your participation as a Symposium / Session Chair during the GAC-MAC-IAH/CNC Conference.

Please read this note carefully because it contains important information regarding the management of your session. The schedule of your session is in the Abstracts Volume # 42.

We ask you to be present in the room at least 15 minutes before your session begins in order to verify that all authors have uploaded their presentation at the speaker ready Room 201A. If some speakers did not upload their presentation, you should ask the student volunteer that will be assigned to your room to go to Room 201A for uploading the missing presentation before the session starts. Speakers should not use their own computer. However, it will be authorized by the organizers only in exceptional circumstances, after the authors have made a request the day before the session at the speaker ready room. You will be notified if it is the case.

The sessions should run as follow:

  • Introduce yourself to the speakers.
  • Provide a brief summary of the session.
  • Emphasize the importance of keeping with their allotted time which will ensure enough time is available for questions.
  • Ask the people in the room to turn their cell phone off, and remind people that photographs are not allowed.
  • Briefly introduce each speaker before their presentation.
  • Keep the time (you will find colored Time Keeper Cards in the room) and always make sure there is time for questions.

If despite all our efforts, a speaker does not show-up, you should not move the next talk earlier. We invite you to use that time to have a discussion with the audience.

If a speaker needs technical assistance, please find the student volunteer assigned to your room or simply go to the Registration Desk.

Thank you very much for your collaboration!


Best regards,

GAC-MAC-IAH/CNC Qu├ębec 2019 Local Organizing Committee