Sessions spéciales

Sessions spéciales (préliminaires)

Geosystems and Hydrogeosystems / Géosystèmes et hydrogéosystèmes

Melt, fluids and architecture of accretionary orogens
Dawn Kellett (Geological Survey of Canada)

Hydrogeology of cold regions
Jean-Michel Lemieux (Université Laval)

Groundwater and climate change
Marie Larocque (UQAM)

Supercontinent cycles: a celebration of the career of Damian Nance
Brendan Murphy (St. Francis Xavier University)

Quantifying timing and rates of geologic processes
Eva Enkelmann (University of Calgary)

Terrestrial analogues for comparative planetary geology and astrobiology
Gordon Osinski (University of Western Ontario)

Groundwater nutrients and contaminants affecting surface waters
James William Roy (Environment and Climate Change Canada)

Biosphere meets geosphere: Interactions between Earth and life
Marc Laflamme (University of Toronto)

Crustal melting, migration, and mineralization processes: partial melting through fractionation to volatile saturation, from the micron to the continental scale
Matthew Steele (University of Alberta)

Applications of noble gases in hydrogeology
Nicholas Utting (CanmetENERGY, Natural Resources Canada)

Emerging contaminants in soil and groundwater
Rick McGregor (InSitu Remediation Services Ltd)

Diffusion – a multidisciplinary perspective
Tom Al (University of Ottawa)

Open session on the Appalachians and Grenville geology
Michel Malo (INRS) and Anne-Aurélie Sappin (Geological Survey of Canada)

Resources, Energy and Environment / Ressources, énergie et environnement

Evolution and resource potential of Arctic sedimentary basins
Denis Lavoie (Geological Survey of Canada)

Reservoir geomechanics and structural geology
Elena Konstantinovskaya (University of Alberta)

Uranium ore systems research: fluid pathways, metal traps and expressions of the systems
Eric Potter (Geological Survey of Canada)

Impact cratering in the Solar System
Gordon Osinski (University of Western Ontario)

Integrating geophysics, petrophysics and geology: a symposium to honour the career of Dr. Bill Morris
Hernan Ugalde (Brock University)

Recent advances in the study of gems and gem deposits
Lee Groat (UBC)

Is Venus, modern Earth, or another planetary body the best analogue for the early Earth: Implications for Archean tectonics and mineralization (preliminary title)
Lyal Harris (INRS)

The cratonic mantle, its carbonate-rich melts, kimberlites and carbonatites
Maya Kopylova and Anton Chakhmouradian (University of British Columbia, University of Manitoba)

Fluid-rock interaction
Pilar Lecumberri-Sanchez (University of Alberta)

Submarine volcanism and marine minerals: Key resources for the future
Michelle DeWolfe (Mount Royal Univeristy)

Deep groundwater circulation and its potential influence on near-surface water resources and ecosystems
Christine Rivard (Commission géologique du Canada)

Energie, Développement Durable et Environnement
Fatma TAKTAK (Consultant)

Unifying international research forces to unlock geothermal resource exploitation
Jasmin Raymond (INRS )

Indicator minerals and exploration methods
Sheida Makvandi (Université Laval)

Ophiolites as markers of oceanic and orogenic settings
Jean Bédard (Commission géologique du Canada)

Data science for Geosciences / Science des données en science de la terre

Data-driven discovery in mineralogy and the geological sciences
Olivier Gagné (University of Manitoba/Carnegie Institution for Science)

Artificial Intelligence in the natural resources, algorithm development and applications
Leonardo Feltrin (Laurentia University)

Artificial Intelligence and data management in mining exploration
Martin Blouin (Geolearn)

Géologie et intelligence artificielle : Revoir notre façon de faire!
Rejean Girard (IOS)

Geosciences and Society / Géosciences et sociétés

How 3D printing helps to advance Earth Science teaching
Heidi Daxberger (University of Toronto)

Les géoparcs : une nouvelle ressource
Pierre Verpaelst (Comité national canadien pour les Géoparcs)