Short courses

Short courses (preliminary)

Geosystems and Hydrogeosystems / Géosystèmes et hydrogéosystèmes

Rates and dates: Geo- and thermochronology methods and applications
Eva Enkelmann (University of Calgary)

Applied groundwater modelling using Visual MODFLOW Flex
Brayden McNeill (Waterloo Hydrogeologic)

Critical Thinking in Aquifer Test Interpretation
Christopher J. Neville (S.S. Papadopulos & Associates, Inc.)

Resources, Energy and Environment / Ressources, énergie et environnement

Les minéraux indicateurs
George Beaudoin et Sheida Makvandi (Université Laval)

Ore systems with IOA, IOCG, albitite-hosted U and affiliated deposits
Louise Corriveau (Commission géologique du Canada)

Introduction to reservoir geomechanics
Elena Konstantinovskaya (University of Alberta)

Noble gas applied to geothermal resources
Daniele Pinti and O. Shoaukar-Stash (UQAM, University of Waterloo)

Laser Ablation Applied to Ore Deposit
Sarah-Jane Barnes (UQAC)

Data Science for Geosciences / Science des données en science de la terre

Introduction to data science for geologists
Martin Blouin (Geolearn)

Geosciences and Society / Géosciences et sociétés

Social responsibility in geoscience education
Mike Katz (Consultant)

Geosciences and Society: a teaching workshop
Anne Marie Ryan (Dalhousie University)